Innovative, Fashionable, Dependable - and Easy to Use

With its unique patented technology, Sytë gives you the ability to correct or fine-tune your vision at any time. Our adjustable lens technology corrects both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. The superb optical quality of our lenses surpasses all others.

The power is in your hands.

To change the strength of each lens simply scroll the left and right dials on your Sytë frame until maximum focus is achieved for each respective eye.

Whether you are at home, traveling, driving, or in urgent need for clearer vision, Sytë is the perfect pair for you.


Scroll-To-Focus Technology

Sytë offers two types of glasses: one to correct near-sightedness (from -1.0 to -5.0 diopters), and the other to correct far-sightedness (from + 0.5 to +4.5 diopters). Both frames work in the same manner - simply scroll the dial!

Sytë (+) diopter glasses are designed to improve your near vision. To adjust the focus, look at a close object (e.g. a newspaper or smartphone). Sytë (-) diopter glasses are designed to improve your distance vision. To adjust the focus, look at an object in the distance. Then simply scroll the dials until your vision sharpens and becomes clear. It’s that easy!


Dual Lens Technology

The Sytë patented system is based on a dual lens assembly. Using a specially designed lens production technique, the spherical power of the lenses changes as the two inversely-shaped optical elements slide over one another. (see drawing)

Based on a Nobel Prize winning principle, our universal, variable focus spectacle enables a single pair of glasses to correct almost all cases of near- or far- sightedness.*

* Sytë eyewear does not correct astigmatism


Patents: Netherlands (1028563), WIPO (WO 2006/098618 A1*), PR China (ZL2006 80008449.6), USA (7,980,690), EC (06732950.8), India (3996/CHENP/2007**), Japan (2008-501826**). * = World Intellectual Property, ** = Pending.

   Above: exploded view of the Sytë Eyewear construction.


Above: exploded view of the Sytë Eyewear construction.

The Versatility & Power of Sytë

Enjoy improved, clear vision for all your activities, instantly, and without the cost and wait involved with prescription eyewear. Keep a pair in your desk, in the car, in your sports bag, near the TV – wherever you need dependable vision – day or night!

Ordinary over–the-counter reading glasses come with the same power in both lenses. However, most people don’t have identical vision in both eyes and require different correction settings. With Sytë you can scroll each lens individually to the required strength, achieving better balanced and clearer vision.

Notice a change in your prescriptions? No problem! Simply scroll the dial to adjust your vision.


The Sytë Collection comes in different color combinations, so choose the right Sytë for you!






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Exclusive distributors: H Group Intl

1411 NE 109th St. Miami, FL 33161



Exceptional European design, innovation & quality!



For more than twenty years we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing sunglasses and optical frames globally. We have introduced innovative, patented eyewear products such as memory metal frames. Today, we are focused on changing the way the world sees by introducing the affordable, patented, life-enhancing technology behind Sytë. A smart technology that is trendy, sophisticated, high quality, and easy to use.


Designed in Belgium - Made in The Netherlands


Sytë for those in need

Sytë supports Eyes For The World

Through your purchase, Sytë provides sight to people in need. 


Eyes for the World is an international NGO that delivers corrective eyeglasses to those in need throughout the world. The organization has ongoing projects in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.


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